About - Yngvar Hoting
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About Me

I am Yngvar Hoting

An Illustrator, writer and dreamer with a great love for creating elaborate stories and other dimensions.
In my work I try to captivate my reader or watcher and try to give them a short break from the current busy and hectic world that we live in today.

The last few years I was lucky to have a chance to travel a lot learn much while I was at it. As I believe getting in contact with another new and completely different world can teach you a lot and change your view on things completely. I believe that dreaming and stepping into another world or character  gives us the same chance to take another perspective in life and see things from a new side that we would otherwise never see. This is not just an educative process, but mostly a captivating and interesting process that will remain with you forever.

My hope is to create this beautiful experience for my viewer even if it is only for a split second.
In the hope this might be a second never to be forgotten.